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About Katie

Katie used to sell t-shirts and make doughnuts for a living (not at the same time, but hey, there’s an idea).  She has always been a hard worker, and as such, worked several jobs as she made her way through high school and college. Her parents are musicians, but believe it or not, Katie never received professional training or music lessons unless she was participating in her high school band and choir, or actively pursuing it on her own in college. Even her elementary school did not have a music program, so she independently pursued her passion for music by teaching herself how to play the oboe and joining her church choir. 

Fast-forward to 2006, when she decided to take a huge leap and transplant herself from her hometown of Flint, Michigan to Boston, Massachusetts. While she and her parents hadn’t been able to afford private music training, Katie’s thirst for music brought her to the Boston Conservatory, where she worked her way (full-time!) through grad school toward a Master’s degree in Vocal Performance. It wasn’t easy, and Katie discovered very quickly that she had a lot of catching up to do compared to her fellow students. Through sheer willpower and a hint of stubbornness, Katie doubled down and took on extra classes in order to keep up with her experienced counterparts, who all seemed to have a leg up on her with wealthy families who had been able to provide private, individualized training and top-quality educations. Katie often kept her text books behind the cash register where she worked, so that she could stay on top of her studies.


In 2008, Katie landed a lead role in an opera AND completed her Master’s degree, while still working as a full-time sales manager (remember those t-shirts she was selling?). 


But it wasn’t enough.


One day, it dawned on her that she needed and wanted more out of her life than having a degree in Music and working full-time in retail management. Katie put in her two-weeks’ notice and took a leap of faith. She hopped on Craigslist, posted an advertisement looking for working musicians, and just like that, formed her own acoustic duo. NOW she really started to shine! She spent every day making phone calls and emails to restaurants and clubs who might hire her, and was able to gain traction and popularity performing acoustic covers of popular music. She found her niche, and eventually expanded into a six-piece business band. Katie has been actively traveling and performing for audiences throughout New England ever since. 


In 2012, Katie decided that she wanted to share her passion for music on an even more personal level, and dived head-first into teaching on an individual basis. The reason? She liked getting people excited about the things she’s excited about, but ultimately wanted to make learning music ACCESSIBLE to students who otherwise may not have the opportunity, finances, confidence, or support that so many often have (and often take for granted). Katie knew how it felt to be behind the game, and all of the insecurities that comes with it. 


Katie understands the different learning styles and needs of her students, and maintains her mission of teaching the way she wish she had been taught, so that nothing is “boring” or “too daunting” or “out-of-reach.” Katie believes in the accessibility of music to ALL. She now maintains a roster of 50 students coming from all walks of life and levels of experience. Read what her students have to say about her in the Testimonials tab!


When she isn't teaching or singing, Katie loves spending time with her family and friends, or going on hikes around New England with her pup. Most of all, though, she loves helping people all over the globe pursue their love for music.


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